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Voice & Videokonference

Forsiden / Voice & Videokonference
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Yealink Yealink A20 Teams Collaboration bar with CTP18 touch control
Varenr.: A20-CTP18-Teams
Android based Teams Room System with touch control
Type: Konferencesystem
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Yealink Yealink UVC20 fixed 1080p USB webcamera for desktop use
Varenr.: UVC20
1080p and integrated privacy shutter. Turnable mount and tripod. The Yealink UVC20 is a full HD webcam for a brilliant personal desktop video experience, which can be applied to remote working, open meeting scenarios, distance education, training, live streaming, and telemedicine. Powered by 5,000,000 pixel full HD glass lens, Omni-direction mic, auto exposure, auto focus, and rotatable lens, UVC20 ensures perfect clear video in any environment. Compatible with virtually all video conferencing software applications, you can quickly set up and run any meeting.
Type: Konferencesystem
På lager 450
Yealink Yealink wireless microphone kit with 2x wireless mic, charging stand and USB dongle for UVC40/A20
Varenr.: CPW90-DD10
YEALINK wireless microphone kit with 2x wireless mic, charging stand and USB dongle for UVC80/UVC50.
Type: Konferencesystem
På lager 92
Yealink Yealink UVC30 fixed 4K USB webcamera for desktop use
Varenr.: UVC30-Desktop
Yealink UVC30 Desktop is a new USB Camera with 4K UHD and 3x digital zoom for real and excellent experience. Equipped with built-in infrared sensor and face recognition, it supports Windows Hello feature to enhance your login security. Thanks to the sharp image and accurate color reproduction, it provides a vivid face-to-face video meeting experience in ultra HD 4K resolution and high frame rates. A wide FOV ensures everyone sitting before the monitor or laptop visible from far end. Featuring facial detection, UVC30 Desktop always frame people smoothly and correctly to accomplish a much more intelligent experience.
Type: Konferencesystem
På lager 390
Varenr.: MP112/2S/SIP
MediaPack 112 analog VoIP gateway with 2 FXS ports
Type: VoIP Gateway
På lager 76
Yealink Yealink CP900 BT/USB speakerphone incl. BT-dongle
Varenr.: CP900+BT50
YEALINK CP900 BT/USB speakerphone incl. BT-dongle.
Type: Konferencesystem
På lager 57
POLY 3.5mm mobile device cable 1.2m SS2/2W, SSIP 7000, SS Duo
Varenr.: 2457-19047-001
Cable - 3.5mm mobile device cable 1.2m/4ft for use with SoundStation2s with LCD and 2W, SSIP 7000, SS Duo and VoiceStation 500. For devices with iPhone (R) style wiring and wiring used by many Samsung, Sony Mobile Communications and Nokia mobile devices
Type: Lyd / Video  -  Konnektor 1: 3.5mm  -  Konnektor 2: 2 x 3.5mm
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POLY Digital Breakout Adapter Camera HDCI to HDMI & DB9
Varenr.: 7200-68518-125
EagleEye Digital Breakout Adapter (DBA)-camera. Breaks out EE IV or EE Acoustic(sans audio) to HDMI and DB9. Includes: DBA-Camera and power supply. Order power cord and min-HDCI to HDCI cable separately. See User's guide for installation guidelines.
Type: Konferencesystem
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POLY RealPresence Trio 8800 EE Mini, Collaboration Kit
Varenr.: 7200-85310-001
Ekspertanmeldelser: 7 anmeldelser
PolycomTrio 8800 Collaboration Kit. Incl. Trio 8800 PoE, Visual+, EagleEye Mini, Ethernet (2.1m/4.5m/7.6m), 2m USB , 1.8m HDMI, VESA mount. Incl 1yr Prem for CALA. Maint Cont Req. POWER KIT NOT INCLUDED
Type: Konferencesystem
På lager 4
POLY Replacement CAT-5e RealPresence Trio 8800, 7,6m
Varenr.: 2457-17977-001
Replacement CAT-5e network cable for connecting Polycom Trio 8800 to the network. 7.6m/25ft cable length. Shielded.
Type: Tilbehør
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Yealink Yealink UVC30 fixed 4K USB camera for room systems. 3+5m USB cable
Varenr.: UVC30-Room
YEALINK UVC30 Room - fixed USB camera for Teams Room Systems.
Type: Konferencesystem
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På lager 44
Yealink Yealink VP59 video desk phone for Microsoft Teams
Varenr.: VP59-TEAMS
YEALINK Teams Edition VP59 High-End.
Type: Digital telefon
På lager 24
POLY HDX & Group, microphone cable Walta to Walta. 10'
Varenr.: 2457-28978-001
CLink 2 cable, Group Series and HDX microphone array cable. Walta to Walta, 10 ft. Supports connections between devices with CLink 2 ports.
Type: Tilbehør
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POLY VisualPro codec only
Varenr.: 7200-85660-125
Polycom Trio VisualPro CODEC ONLY. Incl: VisualPro codec, 1 HDMI 1.8m, 1 LAN 3.6m. NO PWR CORD - order Group 310 pwr cord separately. Not for RUS,CHN. Mntc Cntrct Req. Incl 1yr Prem for CALA. FOR TRIO 8800/8500 AND EAGLEEYE HDCI CAMERAS SOLD SEPARATELY.
Type: Konferencesystem
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POLY RealPresence Group 500 720p, EagleEye IV 4x camera
Varenr.: 7200-64510-101
RealPresence Group 500-720p: Group 500 HD codec, EagleEyeIV-4x camera, mic array, univ. remote, NTSC/PAL. Cables: 2 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI digital 3m, Power: EURO-Type C, CE 7/7. Maintenance Contract Required.
Type: Præsentation og Konference
På lager 6
POLY RealPresence Trio 8500 EE Mini, Coll. Kit, SfB/Lync
Varenr.: 7200-85330-019
Polycom Trio 8500 Collab Kit for Skype for Business on-prem/online. Incl Trio 8500 PoE, UCS SfB lic, Visual+, EagleEye Mini, ENET (2.1m/4.5m/7.6m), HDMI1.8m, VESA mnt. Incl 1yr Prem CALA, 3yr PP China. Maint Cont Req. PWR KIT NOT INCLUDED
Type: Konferencesystem
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AUDIOCODES Teams C450HD IP-Phone PoE GbE black
Varenr.: TEAMS-C450HD
Teams C450HD IP-Phone PoE GbE black
På lager 6
POLY VisualPro Collaboration Kit EagleEye IV 4x
Varenr.: 7200-85480-101
Polycom Trio VisualPro/EagleEye IV 4x Collaboration Kit. Incl: VisualPro codec, EEIV 4x, 1 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI digital 3m, Power cord: EURO-Type C, CEE 7/7. Maintenance Cntrct Req. FOR TRIO 8800/8500 SOLD SEPARATELY
Type: Konferencesystem
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Viser 1-90 af 718 produkter