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MIMOSA Fleximount Pole and Surface Mount
Varenr.: 100-00041
Compact flexible pole and surface mount. Allowing attachment to any vertical or other angled pole, or any flat surface. Single Mount
Produkt: Diverse
MIMOSA J-Mount Advanced J-Mount Pole
Varenr.: 100-00043
Twist on the J-Mount, with extra axis of rotation to align the C5 series, to keep it level to the horizon. Single mount
Produkt: Diverse
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AEROHIVE AP122/AP122X/AP130/AP230/AP250/AP550 Wall & ceiling mount bracket
AP122| AP122X| AP130/AP230/AP245X/AP250|AP550 wall mounting and 15/16" ceiling mount bracket
Produkt: Diverse
RUCKUS Power Adapter for R310/R300/R500/R510/R600 - 1 pcs. - Output: 12VDC 1.0A
Varenr.: 902-0173-EU00
Spares of EU Power Adapter for Ruckus 7372, 7352, 7321, R600, R500, R300, R310, R510, 7441, M510- quantity of 1
Produkt: Diverse
DIGI Antenna, CDMA/LTE 450HMz
Varenr.: 76000960
Antenna, CDMA/LTE 450HMz
Hastighed: 0Mbps  -  Type: Antenne
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DIGI Cable - RJ45 to RJ45 - 2m
Varenr.: 76000826
Type: Cat5e  -  Konnektor 1: RJ-45  -  Konnektor 2: RJ-45
DIGI Locking DC Power Cable w/ Fuse
Varenr.: 76000821
DC Power Cord - 2.1mm locking barrel plug to bare wire, 4m. Compatibility-WR41(v2), WR21.
Type: Strøm
Extreme Networks Pwr Cord,10A,CEE 7/7,C13 10A,CEE 7/7,IEC320-C13
Varenr.: 10033
Type: Strøm  -  Konnektor 1: Strømstik  -  Konnektor 2: C13 kobling
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DIGI 48" Power Cord, locking barrel to bare wire
Varenr.: 76000732
Cable - Locking barrel to bare wire, 4' (Use on Porserver TS 1/2/4, Connect SP, Connect WiSP)
Type: Strøm  -  Konnektor 2: N
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RUCKUS Mounting Bracket for ZF H500
Varenr.: 902-0119-0000
Surface Mount Bracket for Ruckus H500. Required when mounting H500 where no electrical outlet box is available.
Produkt: Diverse
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Viser 1-60 af 1304 produkter